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We're Crack Nuts.
We make flavorful
sprouted almonds
with simple


One nut. Four Flavors.


How we get that
Crack in a Crack Nut

It takes about 3 days to turn a Northern California almond into a Crack Nut. First we soak our nuts in purified water for 24 hours activating valuable nutrients and breaking down enzymes that make these little suckers difficult to digest. Next we hand toss our almonds in simple seasonings like alder-wood smoked sea salt, white vinegar and maple syrup, to give them that crackalicious flavor. Lastly we dehydrate our almonds for 48 hours, that's two days if you're not a math genius, giving them a light texture that explodes the moment your teeth hit them.


Pronounce with confidence.

Through extensive research we've concluded that the best ingredients are the ones we can actually pronounce, the simple ones. Since our pronunciation skills aren't fantastic, we're limited to only minimal clean ingredients. Which makes our Sprouted Almonds tasty, guilt free and easy to discuss in casual conversation.


"Wow, these are good"

— Some guy at Smorgasburg