Plain & Simple Sprouted Almonds

Plain & Simple Sprouted Almonds


When an Almond is this good, sometimes you just want to get out of the way and let it shine. That’s what our “Plain & Simple” flavor is all about.

These sprouted almonds are soaked in purified water for 24 hours and dried for 2-3 days. Once dried, these plump Nonpareils gloriously explode in your mouth.

Plain & Simple was created for the Almond purists. Working our stand at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market we were constantly asked “why don’t you have plain?” We began asking ourselves the same question and we didn’t have an answer.

After staring deep in the the darkness of our souls, listening to french music and reading Sartre, we came up with an idea, let’s make a plain flavor. And that’s what we did.

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What makes a Crack Nut a Crack Nut?

It takes about 3 days to turn a Northern California almond into a Crack Nut. First we soak our nuts in purified water for 24 hours activating valuable nutrients and breaking down enzymes that make these little suckers difficult to digest. Next we hand toss our almonds in simple seasonings like alder-wood smoked sea salt, white vinegar and maple syrup, to give them that crackalicious flavor. Lastly we dehydrate our almonds for 48 hours, that's two days if you're not a math genius, giving them a light texture that explodes the moment your teeth hit them.